Join Our Basketball Team

Competing in Various National Basketball Tournaments

The AAU Division joins local and national basketball tournaments as the elite and competitive level team of Planet Hoops in Sugar Land, TX. In order to join this team, you will have to be selected from the tryouts. Membership in the team is done through a draft and selection process. As elite athletes of the AAU, you will travel to different areas to compete.

Getting Players to the Competitive Level

We are dedicated to the promotion of our athletes through intense fitness training. Competitive skills will be acquired through practice, hard work, and dedication from both the players and their family members. Each member will have a portfolio which includes stats, videos, recommendation letters and a full athlete resume.

Traveling to Play in Basketball Competitions

The AAU Division has several teams that play in competitive games in Houston and travel to compete in national basketball tournaments. Weekend competitions prepare our athletes to play at a fast pace. They will gain the skill level to prepare and train them for national basketball tournaments that take place in Orlando, Dallas, Las Vegas, and other cities.

Exposure to a Higher Basketball Levels

Membership in the competitive level division gives players an amazing opportunity to be exposed. It also prepares players for middle school-, high school-, and college-level basketball. Under the AAU Division, athletes will undergo intense training to gain the skills for on-the-court success. In addition, we will provide mentoring, coaching, fitness training, and nutrition recommendations.

Play Ball in Training and Competition

Elite players are expected to train twice a week in Sugar Land. Tournaments will be held every other week but are subject to change depending on scheduling. The venues for the different local and national basketball tournaments are to be determined (TBD) upon announcement.

AAU Division

The AAU Division of Planet Hoops

Planet Hoops’ AAU Division is a great opportunity for players to showcase and further develop their basketball skills. We provide rigorous training and high-level coaching all-year-round to help athletes step up their game. Aside from helping youth players in reaching their athletic goals, we will also lend our time and talents in assisting at-risk youth. Our AAU Division reaches out to various community organizations to help the less fortunate. By doing so, we will be able to hone the character of our players and help them understand the importance of hard work.

Basketball Training

See Our Basketball Gallery

At Planet Hoops, we want to see your kids excel in basketball. This is why we offer exceptional athletic programs tailored to their needs. See it for yourself by viewing our basketball gallery. We will feature children dribbling, shooting, and passing as they play ball and hone their skills in training and competition. All of their experiences will enhance their on- and off-court personas.

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Calvin Murphy, Founder