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About Our Founder

Calvin Murphy is a former professional basketball player. He played as a guard for the NBA’s San Diego Rockets in 1970 before the team moved to Houston in 1971. Calvin retired as a Houston Rocket in 1983. Standing at 5-foot-9, he had the distinction of being the shortest NBA player inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and to play in an NBA All-Star Game.

Offering a Year-Round Athletic Program

Teach your kids how to play basketball with Calvin Murphy’s Planet Hoops in Sugar Land, TX. We offer a year-round athletic program designed to help individuals with different skill levels excel in playing basketball. Whether you want your kids to learn the fundamental basketball skills or take their basketball skills up a notch, we have you covered.

Programs to Choose From
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Programs to Choose From
Shirt Size

Teaching the Game of Basketball

At Planet Hoops, we teach the game of basketball. We enhance the players’ skills and basketball I.Q. through drills and classroom interaction that emphasize a fundamentals-first philosophy. With our year-round program, an individual can develop, progress, and move on to a higher-level class that will suit his or her needs. We are determined to help any individual of any skill level reach their goals in basketball.

Preparing Our Athletes for College

Our team puts an emphasis on the importance of meeting educational goals and preparing for college. The coaches and current team members of Planet Hoops will work with both schools and parents to prepare, train, and develop athletes. Our ultimate goal is to help our players earn college degrees and sponsorships for further education while meeting NCAA guidelines on academics.

Guiding Our Players’ Athletic Careers

We will continue to follow our athletes’ progress throughout college. Internships are available for our players through their studies. The program is available to students and alumni as they make career decisions. Whether an individual wants to pursue a career as a basketball player or is considering other opportunities in the field such as coaching, mentoring, or managing a team, our professional staff members will be here to help.

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Basketball Players In Training

Enroll Your Kids in Our Summer League

As a member of our team, your children will be prepared for life’s challenges. We will train them to be the best possible athlete. Learning hard work and determination are the first steps towards their success. Teach your children these values by enrolling them in our basketball summer league.

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