Basketball Training for Kids

Learn the Fundamentals, Develop Core Skills

The Summer League of Planet Hoops in Sugar Land, TX is a fun program that gives athletes a chance to improve their core skills. It also prepares children for competitive-level basketball. With this program, you can help increase your children’s self-esteem as well as hone their social and team building skills.

Benefits of Our Basketball Summer League

Kids will learn the basics of basketball and work on their team building skills. The Summer League will help children stay in great shape, make new friends, and enjoy the game of basketball. Children aren’t the only ones that will benefit from this program. Parents may meet and talk to fellow adults with similar interests as their kids play ball.

Core Skills Taught at Summer League

Basketball Training and Competition for Kids

Our Summer League will pave the way for players to receive the experience and training required to play in competitive leagues as they grow up. There will be practice game and a competitive one once a week in Sugar Land which all players are required to attend. At the end of the league, there will be playoffs and a championship game.

Each Child Gets to Play Basketball

Our team believes in fair competition, which means that playing time must be earned. Hard work and determination is a must when enrolled in our program. Nevertheless, we do our best to make sure that each athlete plays at least 1.5 quarters a game.

Itty Bitty Basketball

We are excited to offer our Itty Bitty Basketball program weekly this year. The preschool program will introduce the fundamentals and core skills of basketball in a fun and relaxed environment. This will be available for kids aged three, four, and five. Not only will we focus on learning the game, but also emphasize academic and agility training in each class. We look forward to teaching, inspiring, and having fun with your child.

The Details for Itty Bitty Basketball

Basketball Leagues for Different Age Groups

Fall League

Coming Soon

Basketball Players With Coach

Become an Elite Basketball Player

For elite-level basketball players, join our AAU team. This team is reserved only for the best players who have impeccable core skills. Members are handpicked through a draft and selection process. Learn more about this competitive basketball program and see if you have what it takes to become an elite basketball player.

Planet Hoops

Calvin Murphy, Founder